Potato Soup

I wanted to make a crowd pleasing soup for Thanksgiving and this is what I made. 

First I chopped up carrots, celery and onions. Since I was going to purée it afterwards I didn’t cut the vegetables finely. 

I added garlic to the mire poix because I love garlic.

Then I cut up about 220 grams of bacon, so about half a pound. 

I fried that up and removed it when it was crispy. 

I cut up about five russet potatoes. They weighed a little more than a pound, so maybe 500g.

I cooked the vegetables in the rendered bacon fat until the carrots began to soften.

I made a roux by mixing 1 cup of milk with two tablespoons of flour.

I added the potatoes to the pot with 4 cups of chicken broth, thyme, salt and pepper. I also added some cayenne pepper. 

I let it simmer until the potatoes were soft. I then put the soup in batches through a food processor until smooth.

I returned it to the pot, added the roux and a half pint of whipping cream.

After blending the cream into the soup I added the crispy bacon. 
Except for my mother who thought it was too spicy, everyone else loved it. 


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