Spicy Cheesy Core Burrito 

In Singapore I fantasized many times about Taco Bell. I went here a couple of weeks ago. They have a new offering, a burrito with a core of liquid cheese!

When I opened The Big Box, this is what I saw. On the left is the Cheesy Core Burrito (Spicy), in the middle is a Taco Supreme and on the right is a Doritos Taco. Truly food of the gods!

The Cheesy Core Burrito was delicious! Slightly spicy (to my palate hardened by bird’s eye chilies in Southeast Asia) and full of Grade D beef and liquid cheese. There might have been sour cream and lettuce present. 

The Doritos taco was amazing! Savory, crunchy, meaty- unhealthy but tasty. 

I liked the Mexican apple soda. 


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