Hokkaido Melon KitKat 

There were all kinds of exotic snacks and candy at Tokyo Narita airport where I transited through a few weeks ago. I like the idea of differently flavored KiTKats, although some like crème brulée and green tea didn’t excite me. The former because it was just overly sweet and the latter because one can have too much green tea flavor. 

White chocolate and honeydew sounded like it could be a good flavor pairing. 

It was sweet, but it definitely tasted like honeydew melon. I might not have it again, but I’d recommend candy aficionados to try it. 


Carnitas Tacos

One of my brothers was in town and wanted to go camping in the desert. So we went to Anza Borrego Desert State Park. Starving around noon, we went into Borrego Springs, the nearest village (it’s not big enough to be a town) and had lunch.

I love refried beans because they’re made with lard. I ate that first then devoured the tacos, which were good, but not great. The salsas available were mediocre. I’ve had better, but we were in the middle of the desert, so I probably shouldn’t complain. What I missed was bright lime flavors and browned carnitas meat. 


Ballast Point makes excellent beers. The fruit flavoring is only an aftertaste. 

I like the stark beauty of the desert, but I don’t love it. The second day it rained all day! Crappy times! I played Clash Royale and read about the fauna that lived in the region that was once a sea. 

Blue Jay Burger

Fear not, this was not a burger made of the flesh of Cyanocitta christata. This is the burger at Hodad’s made with blue cheese, bacon and grilled onions. 

Hodad’s menu

This was colossal! I devoured it, even as the juices dripped down my arms. The hot sauce on the table was good put on the fries, which I could not finish. 

Hodad’s is considered one of the best burger restaurants in America and thus the world. 

It’s crowded and there is always a wait. Nonetheless I highly recommend this place in Ocean Beach. 

Spicy Cheesy Core Burrito 

In Singapore I fantasized many times about Taco Bell. I went here a couple of weeks ago. They have a new offering, a burrito with a core of liquid cheese!

When I opened The Big Box, this is what I saw. On the left is the Cheesy Core Burrito (Spicy), in the middle is a Taco Supreme and on the right is a Doritos Taco. Truly food of the gods!

The Cheesy Core Burrito was delicious! Slightly spicy (to my palate hardened by bird’s eye chilies in Southeast Asia) and full of Grade D beef and liquid cheese. There might have been sour cream and lettuce present. 

The Doritos taco was amazing! Savory, crunchy, meaty- unhealthy but tasty. 

I liked the Mexican apple soda. 

Spaghetti with Red Clam Sauce

I made this for my parents. Being from New York City, they love pasta with a red sauce. Surreptitiously, as my mother doesn’t like garlic, I added it quickly to the generous portion of olive oil I added to the pan. 

I used the recipe from the Food Network. 


I toasted a baguette with chopped garlic, butter and parsley. Paremesan on top, it was delicious. 

Hollywood Burrito

I suppose any burrito bought in Hollywood is a Hollywood burrito, however I’m referring to the menu item on the wall of Dos Burritos, a restaurant chain of at least two locations, both on Hollywood Boulevard, on opposite sides of the street.

That’s a chipotle sauce on top. I chose carnitas as my protein and it was good.

Onions, lettuce, tomatoes and refried beans made for a delicious and huge burrito.