2016 Epicurian Food and Wine Market

Last year and the year before I enjoyed the food and drink at this annual festival. First was a sake tasting.

Sake is okay, but the best sake I’ve ever had has elicited a shrug. Grape wine is much better. The speaker spoke English poorly and read directly from the PowerPoint slides.

The slice of Hokkaido melon was very sweet. 

The aged sake was gross.

The oysters, from Ireland and New Zealand were excellent.

The short rib- fois gras slider from Daniel Boulud’s Db Bistro was savory and delicious.

An American restaurant serving Southern food had some nice dishes, including a fried chicken biscuit:

It was very good. I liked the addition of dill pickles. The buttermilk biscuit was nice.

I loved the fried green tomato BLT with chipotle aioli. 
Deviled eggs with salmon roe were tasty. I liked the dill in the eggs. 

Last of all I sampled a selection of caviar.

It was heavenly. 


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