Soft-Shelled Crab Hand Roll

After exercising at the gym near the Kallang Wave shopping center, I decided to try out the nearby izakaya.

I didn’t have any soy sauce at my little table. I would have added some.

Quail egg skewers were okay.

The meat skewers selection was good. Chicken and leek is a good combination. 

I liked the unagi (eel) cucumber salad. The richness of the eel was implanted with the tart sweetness of the pickled cucumbers and ginger.

The tapas of the day was a jellyfish salad, octopus wasabi salad and two snails served cold. I had to open the trap doors of the snails and without seasoning, I didn’t enjoy them.

I only have two weeks left in Singapore and I definitely won’t return here. 


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