Chicken Satay Burger

Sometimes Time Out mentions restaurants I might not have heard of and The Quarters was one of them. I went there yesterday. Their acclaimed satay burger has all of the elements of chicken satay; the chicken, the peanut sauce, the rice cake, the shallots and cucumber slices, but fashioned into a burger.

Very clever and well-executed, I loved it. I ate everything on this wooden plate.

The signature cocktail, The Quarters was made of basil, lemonade and gin. It was excellent. 

The salted egg-aioli fries were very good.

I even ordered ice cream! This might be the only restaurant in the world to serve buah keluak ice cream.

From Wikipedia :

The fresh fruit and seeds contain hydrogen cyanide and are deadly poisonous if consumed without prior preparation.[5][6][7] The seeds are first boiled and then buried in ash, banana leaves and earth for forty days,[8] during which time, they turn from a creamy white colour to dark brown or black.[9] The method relies on the fact that the hydrogen cyanide released by the boiling and fermentation is water-soluble and easily washed out.

The kernels may be ground up to form a thick black gravy called rawon, popular dishes include nasi rawon, beef stew in keluwek paste,[10] and sambal rawon. A stew made with beef or chicken also exists in East Java.[11] The Toraja dish pammarrasan (black spice with fish or meat, also sometimes with vegetables) uses the black keluak powder.[citation needed] In Singapore and Malaysia, the seeds are best known as an essential ingredient in ayam (chicken) or babi (pork) buah keluak,[12][13] a mainstay of Peranakan cuisine.

The ice cream had an earthy chocolatey, coffee-like, savory flavor. I enjoyed it. It wasn’t overly sweet. 

I highly recommend The Quarters. Even though I have less than a month left in Singapore, I will return. 


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