Assorted Egg Congee with Minced Pork (什锦蛋肉碎粥)

I had been thinking about congee (粥)recently, so I skipped the food court after the gym on Tuesday and went to A One Claypot House, in the Kallang Wave mall.

The assorted eggs are a salted egg, a regular chicken egg and a century egg. As much as I love Chinese food, I’ve never been a fan of century eggs. But I didn’t want to be difficult and I thought I’d give them another chance. 

Served in a claypot, those three eggs, plus another egg I ordered and oil fritters 油条 were served pretty quickly.

The gross century egg was diced up and its evil nature consigned it to the bottom where I avoided most of it.

I added white pepper and soy sauce. Since chilies weren’t on the table, I didn’t ask for them. Congee is mostly a Cantonese dish and chilies aren’t used.


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