Lard Fries

Potatoes cooked in lard are delicious. They are even better than fries cooked in tallow. They tasted like pork cracklings. Only duck fries are better. I devoured them. 

The cheeseburger at Omakase was excellent. The Japanese wheat beer was also very good. 

My girlfriend was very happy. Later we listened to a brass band play “Crazy in Love”.

It was my favorite meal of her visit. 

Chicken Instant Noodles

Last Saturday I had breakfast at Black Seed in Bugis Junction.

Although the noodles were instant, the broth was fresh. The bowl was garnished with scallions and fried shallots. I love those 63 degree eggs, so I ordered one of those. It was a good breakfast. I really liked this place, which serves more refined versions of local dishes. 

Napolitana Pizza

I was curious about Mario Batali’s cooking, so for now, Mezzo in Marina Bay Sands is as close as I’ll get.

It was a good pizza. It had black olives, anchovies, fried capers, basil and a sweet tomato sauce I liked. The chewy crust was very good, too.

These little rosemary crackers were brought to the table first. I really liked these.

I ordered too much food. The portion of fried pigs’ ears was huge. The insalata mista was nice and bitter. 

My girlfriend wasn’t overly impressed with her margarita pizza. 

Mezzo was good, but not cheap. 

Abalone & Pork Noodles (鲍鱼猪肉面)

The food court in Basement Three of Ion Orchard is one of the best. It might even be even better than Lau Pa Sat.

This was wonderful. The abalone was served on a skewer and the minced pork, along with chilies, lard, vinegar and soy sauce made a delicious bowl of noodles. There was even an onsen egg served in the bowl! I loved this. The fried fish skins were salty, crunchy and savory. 

I should have gone here more often. 

Pork Belly Rigatoni 

My girlfriend had a list of places to visit in Singapore, so we came to the PS Café one night. 

Of course I pork belly dishes are plentiful in Singapore. But I miss is cheese! Western food in this archipelago is either poorly executed or pricy, and this was the latter. I enjoyed the tomato sauce which wasn’t overly acidic. 

There were more truffle fries than I could manage. 

Ding Dong 

Reviews of this restaurant and its menu piqued my interest, so when my girlfriend came to visit me we went here on a Wednesday when I finished work before lunch.

We both ordered the three course lunch and we both got the papaya salad with prawns as a first course. I liked it. Th prawns were huge and cooked perfectly. The salad was spicy and sour. 

For my main course I opted for the fried pork belly. It was served with a pineapple jam, sliced Japanese cucumber and cilantro. I ate it all. It was savory, crunchy, sweet and sour. 

My girlfriend had the lychee-glazed mackerel which she didn’t like. It was overcooked. 

For dessert I had the natto- salted caramel ice cream with a brownie. 

I liked the ice cream as the savory nuttiness of the natto complemented the caramel well. The brownie was more like chocolate bread as it was not moist. Moistness is essential for a brownie, as is chewiness. 

My girlfriend liked her soursop dessert. I liked it too.