Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle

This was my first time eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant! This food stall was recently awarded the honor and I had to wait two fucking hours!

It was worth it.

I ordered two dishes, because I was starving and at $12, cheap for Michelin-started cuisine. To the right was pork meatball soup. The pork meatballs were tender and porky. The broth was savory, seasoned with white pepper, but most of all, the intense earthy pork flavor shined. It was perfect. 

Inside the bowl, were noodles dressed with vinegar and soy sauce. There were pork-filled wontons, pork meatballs, minced pork, tripe and heavenly pieces of crackling. I don’t love tripe, but there wasn’t much of it. Pork was the theme in many textures and flavors. I loved it. 

I highly recommend this food stall. 

Mixed Rice 

A lot of times when I have Chinese food in Singapore I’ll have it at a food court where they have many dishes on display. It’s usually cheap for two vegetable dishes and one meat. After the gym, I was starving and I ate much more than that.

There was orange chicken, fried white fish, fish cakes and kailan with chilies. I ate all of that and I was still hungry!

I had this at the food court inside the Kallang Wave Mall. 

Heart Attack Rice with Steak

Because Cakifornia Fitness had shut down, I tried out a gym in the Cathay complex. I didn’t join because it would have been too expensive for one month. Afterwards I checked out the food options in the basement and settled on 18 Chefs, a Western-fusion restaurant.

Heart attack rice is one of their signature dishes. I guess it is so named because it is greasy. Anyway, the NZ steak cooked rate was a little tough, but tasty. The dish could have used some green vegetables as an accompiament. The chili garlic sauce was good, but I wanted to enjoy the flavor of steak on its own. I ate it with the rice instead. 

The mushroom soup was decent. 

Moroccan Chicken Pizza

Yeah I know it might sound abominable, especially with the addition of delicious bacon, which I’m pretty sure is not used often in Moroccan cuisine, but this was pretty good. 

Besides the Moroccan spiced chicken meatballs, the aforementioned bacon, arugula, sour cream and a sweet tomato ragout, the dukkah sold me. 

According to Wikipedia, dukkah is:

Duqqa,[spelling 1] du’ah, do’a,[1] or dukkah (Egyptian Arabic: دقة‎‎ pronounced [ˈdæʔʔæ]) is an Egyptian condiment consisting of a mixture of herbs, nuts (usually hazelnut), and spices. It is typically used as a dip with bread[2] or fresh vegetables for an hors d’œuvre.[3] Pre-made versions of duqqa can be bought in the spice markets of Cairo, with the simplest version being crushed mint, salt and pepper which are sold in paper cones.[4] The packaged variety is found in markets that is composed of parched wheat flour mixed with cumin and caraway.


The combination of flavors and textures worked well together. I also had garlic bread, which was strangely sweet. 

I’ve been slacking on blogging. I had this at Skinny Pizza two weeks ago. 

Here’s a photo of a mosque near my apartment. 

Pumpkin Mango Bisque

I think I have an adventurous palate. I’ve tried cobra and dog and camel and silkworms and bat curry, so when I ordered this soup from The Soup Spoon I assumed the corporate chefs knew what they were doing.

It was vile! Cloyingly sweet, it tasted more like a mango pudding than a bisque. But there was enough seafood flavor to make it taste gross. 

The mushroom pesto flatbread was good. There have been a few times when The Soup Spoon has made excellent soup. This is not one of them. 

Chicken Biryani

I don’t often get cravings for Indian cuisine, but sometimes I do and last Sunday I indulged this craving at the food court at the Kranji MRT station.

As you can see, besides the large portion of chicken biryani there were also beans and eggplant. I enjoyed the spicy and oily curry gravy. My eyes were bigger than my stomach and I had also ordered egg prata.

It was a lot of food, but it was a nice break from my usual diet of Chinese and Western cuisine.

Afterwards I went to the races and won $21. Woo hoo!

Chicharrones Tacos

In class I was singing the praises of Mexican food and I agreed to take the class to Señor Taco in Clarke Quay to try some 墨西哥菜. 

I must admit, while not cheap, Señor Taco makes decent Mexican fare.

The two on the left were filled with pulled pick, cilantro, pickled onions and then topped with chicharrones (fried pig skin). The sour pickles complemented the rich and earthy pork. On the right was a carnitas taco and it was garnished with pickled onions and jalapeños.

In little more than a month I will be leaving Singapore for California, where good Mexican food abounds.