Steak Tartare

Believe it or not, although I’ve raw beef many times, I had never had steak tartare until last night, tired and sunburnt from scuba diving. 

There was a lot of food on that plate! That was a huge mound of raw beef as well. There were capers present in the mince, but it was a little bland. I should have added salt, which I usually don’t, deferring to the expertise of the chef. I ate about 75% of the steak tartare. The fries were good. I just didn’t have the room to eat the salad. 

First I had this tomato goat cheese salad. The tomato was skinned and seeded and reassembled with goat cheese and basil pesto. There were a few pieces of tomato jelly as well. 

It was delicious and very rich. It would have been good to share, sadly I came alone. 

This was at The Junction, near Seminyak Square. 

The local rosé wasn’t terrible.


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