Shrimp-Tuna Satay

I used to think that satay was chunks of skewered meat, grilled on a charcoal flame and served with a peanut sauce. At this place and at Warung Nia, I had seafood mince wrapped around a stalk of lemongrass and then grilled.

I saw Sambal Shrimp a few times while riding around. But I had first read about it on Tripadvisor where it is highly rated. 

The presentation was very nice, the skewers bound together with a chili pepper. I liked these skewers and I could have eaten more. 

Oddly, the shrimp and vegetables of the shrimp gazpacho were served separately. Regardless, it was delicious. I can’t remember the last time I had gazpacho. I liked the smoky flavor of the roasted tomatoes. 

I didn’t feel like drinking booze, so I had this guava juice.

So I had dessert, a Thai basil-yogurt sorbet. I loved this. 


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