Pork Belly Rice Bowl

There’s a new izakaya in Orchard Central, Ensakaba. 

It seemed as if they were pushing the rice bowls, so I had the pork rice bowl.

The pork belly was excellent! Marinated, grilled and perfectly sliced, the meat occupied space in the bowl with a soft-boiled egg and diced daikon. The pork was garnished with sesame seeds and finely chopped chives. The rice was moist and absorbed both the yolk and the pork drippings. 

First I was served an amuse-bouche of salmon chunks cooked in a broth and garnished with leeks.

The miso soup had some clams within. 

I had two grapefruit cocktails made with sochu which I enjoyed. 


Seafood Fried Rice (海鲜炒饭)

As Cantonese food was my entry to the wonderful world of Chinese cuisine, eating dishes like fried rice bring back memories of Chinese takeout brought home by my dad long ago. I remember my dad bringing home fried rice back in Queens, New York, when I was five years old. 

The seafood fried rice I had at Hongguo was nice and greasy, just how fried rice is supposed to be. In the rice were squid rings, shrimp and egg. Chilies made it pleasantly spicy. 

I also had cucumbers with garlic and green beans fried with minced pork. 

Hongguo is a decent restaurant. They serve good Cantonese cuisine for less money than Crystal Jade. 

Quarter Pounder With Cheese

It had been decades since I last had a quarter pounder with cheese. It’s like a Big Mac, but without the extra bun and the Thousand Island dressing. The beef didn’t taste as bad as I thought it would, but it was low-quality beef. 

I will admit, a mouthful of beef-like meat, orange cheese, ketchup and pickles is satisfying. 

I thought I might still be hungry so I ordered a Smokey Chicken Cutlet. The smokey flavor was completely artificial. It was so bad, I gagged on it. However, it wasn’t as bad as the artificial truffle flavor which KFC added to their cheese fries. 

Teochew Dumpling Soup (潮州饺子汤)

As I didn’t feel well last Thursday, I took the day off. I felt hungry later in the day, so I walked across the street and ordered a bowl of Teochew dumpling soup. 

The broth was very savory and garnished with chopped scallions and fried garlic. The small dumplings were house-made and delicious. I enjoyed the broth so much I only ate it with chilies as I approached the bottom of the bowl. 

Traditional food from family-run stalks is what I’ll miss most about Singapore when I depart in 66 days. 

Rich Broth Crab Ramen 

Last Wednesday I went to Keisuke Crab Ramen to try the rich crab broth ramen. 

While the broth is rich with crab flavor, there wasn’t any crab meat within. There was pork, shredded daikon, a soft-boiled egg and a big piece of seaweed. 

I helped myself to the complimentary pickled cabbage. 

The complimentary hard-boiled eggs were not soft-boiled, sadly. 

Bibimbap (Paik’s Bibim)

Last Sunday, on my way to Pasar Bella, the so-called hipster food court, located inside Suntec City, I decided to have dinner at Paik’s Bibim, a Korean chain restaurant. 

It was different from other bibimbap since had because there wasn’t an egg. There was pickled white carrot, mushrooms, pickled carrots, zucchini strips and strangely, for me, anyway, shredded romaine lettuce. The pork was sweet. 

The kim chee was made of white carrot strips. 

The pear juice was good. It was a nice, light dinner and tasted authentic, but I missed the egg. 

Ebi Rice Burger

If you’ve never been to Mos Burger, the Japanese chain, then you might not have enjoyed a burger bun made of moist rice cakes. These aren’t the dry rice cakes some women eat in lieu of food, but hot moist rice cakes which absorb the juices of their fillings, 

The rice burger is wrapped with waxed paper so you don’t burn your paws. Inside the ebi burger was fried shrimp, mayonnaise and sweet soy sauce. There might have been iceberg lettuce. 

The Mos Burger in Raffles City is so busy that there is a host who seats patrons. 

I like MosBurger, but I have to order extra salt as their fries aren’t salty at all.