Crab Broth Ramen (Keisuke)

A week or so ago I bought a ticket for the latest X-Men movie and as I was looking for some place to have lunch, well lo and behold!

Keisuke’s crab broth ramen!

I love crab, but concentrated crab broth can be very strong without being tempered by cream or Sherry. In this case, the strong flavor of crab is moderated by pork broth and it’s wonderful.

I ordered the light broth and it was served with nori, roasted pick, chopped scallions and a perfect soft-boiled egg.

While I have been to the other Keisuke restaurant in Bugis several times, this was my first time at his crab broth restaurant, this one located inside Cineleisure Orchard.

Wasabi ginger ale was surprisingly good!

The spicy pickled cabbage was good. One bowl was enough for me. 


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