Coconut Ice Cream and Sticky Rice

Last weekend I felt a sudden yearning for Asian food, so instead of getting breakfast at Tiong Bahru Bakery, I went to Com Nam, the Vietnamese broken rice restaurant. 

That’s what I had for dessert. Ice cream made with coconut milk, sticky rice and some chocolate syrup. The sticky rice, which had almost a fruity sweetness, was the best part. I couldn’t finish it all.

What I had first was broken rice topped with marinated pork belly, prawns, a poached egg, chili slices and some cilantro. The juices from the pork soaked into the broken rice, which has the texture of couscous. 

It was delicious. Salty, savory and spicy, I ate it with a spoon. 

The lime soda with sugar cane was very nice. 


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