Scallop and Corn Purée

I was craving sushi last Friday and so I went to Itacho Sushi, the Bugis Junction location.

They were running some scallop promotion and this looked interesting.

The seared scallop was served in this little plate and covered with this sweet and spicy (thanks to cayenne pepper) corn purée.

It was delicious!

First, I had bluefin tuna, striped jack and scallops.

Next, I was served a big bowl of miso soup.

Next, I had a natto handroll. Natto is fermented soybeans that are slightly bitter and have bacterial filaments which get stuck on one’s lips. I like natto.

Salmon roe, crab with miso and raw sweet shrimp. It was all good. They forgot to serve me sea eel. I had it taken off the bill, so I survived. 

It was a nice light dinner. I ate a piece of cheese pizza later because I was so hungry. 


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