Chicken Tikka Masala

A few weeks ago I felt a craving for Indian food, so I went to Little India after work. 

I was starving, so I went to the first place which caught my eye.

I also ordered garlic naan and dhal. Usually, chicken ordered at an Indian restaurant has had its skin removed. Not so here. I don’t mind the bones, but unless it’s roasted or fried, I don’t want skin on my chicken. Were they too busy or lazy to skin the bird? 

I’ll never know.

I love spicy food, but the sauce was just oil and chilies. The naan and the dhal were okay. 

I felt the chili oil burn through my system. 

I wasn’t impressed with Pak Kashmiri Delights.

The mango lassi helped quench the burning.

Not far away was a better restaurant.

The dosai was just what I was looking for. Inside were mashed potatoes seasoned with turmeric. The three sauces served were a coconut sambal, dhal and a spicy tomato sauce. 


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