Mixed Satay (Warung Nia)

Supposedly the best restaurant in Seminyak, Warung Nia is highly rated by Trip Advisor.


I’ll definitely return to try their ribs.

That’s what I was served. Two skewers each of pork, chicken, seafood (?), and shrimp were served atop a charcoal grill. 

A bowl of some shredded root vegetable was served on one bowl, a tuna salad, a vegetable salad with pea sprouts and rice with turmeric. 

Everything was excellent. I usually bite off the satay meat with my teeth, but I wonder if I should take the meat off the stick with cutlery first. 

I was served some rice chips beforehand. 

I recommend this place and I will return to try their ribs. 

Asparagus Omelet

Last Sunday I decided on a healthy breakfast so this is what I had at The Buzz Bakehouse, just down Jalan Drupadi II.

The omelet was good, the asparagus stalks were thinnish. The sourdough bread was awesome. There were some red peppers mixed in with the chopped asparagus. 

The tangerine-mango juice was great. I think there was some frozen orange juice in there as well. I had a flat white for my coffee. 

Kendi Kuning Shrimp

These shrimp cooked in a Balinese sauce were tasty. I could detect lemongrass, tomatoes, chilies and onions in the sauce. The shells were removed, which I liked. 

The shrimp were placed on a bed of cabbage and onions. Not very Balinese, I liked the slice of garlic bread with mozzarella cheese. 

I was served an amuse-bouche of smoked fish.

The menu might have described the shrimp as prawns, but they weren’t big enough to be prawns in my book. But they were delicious. 


Otah is a fish cake made with (besides the obvious) coconut milk and chilies. The mixture is steamed within coconut leaves and then grilled to order.

That’s what it looks like when it’s removed from the leaves. I had this with pork and chicken satay at Kwong Satay on   Lorong 29 in Geylang.

I also had a rice cake, ketupat with the satay. It’s nice because you can eat everything with your hands. 

Wolf Burger

No, the meat isn’t that of Canis Lupus, but that of Bos Taurus, the common cow.

It was very good. They asked for the doneness of my burger and they used cheddar. I ordered it medium rare and that’s how it was cooked. 

It was dripping with so much meat juice that I had to switch it up and use a knife and a fork.

All of the ingredients were top-notch and the toasted bun was warm and soft. 

Wolf Burger is a stall located in Pasar Bella, located itself within Suntec City. 

It was an excellent burger, almost as good as the Burger Joint burger. 

Rose Lychee Pudding

After I watched the latest X Man movie I dropped by Bugis Junction to get groceries.

I wasn’t too hungry, but it was getting late and Sunday nights I prefer to chillax at home. I went to Paris Baguette and ordered that little jar of pudding and a Brie vegetable sandwich…on a baguette.

The sandwich was very good. The bread was crusty and there was sufficient Brie to please me. 

The pudding, although the portion was meager, was delicious. The flavors worked together and there was a layer of caramel syrup on the bottom of the jar.